Wise Ark - Supporting learning

This offers the same benefits as for Daily Tutor Time © , just on a smaller scale;

Each week has

A slide with an event or person or each day;

A slide of five key points about one person/event;
A discussion-point to stimulate purposeful talk;
A reflection (also available with a prayer and bible quote)
Five different activities -including numeracy, observation and knowledge/research.                                   
There is also a word document with the activities and information on a single page- ideal for printing out.

These are all taken from that week's Daily Tutor Time (c)

All this for £40 for a year's supply of resources - for use across the whole school - for a free sample or to subscribe please email Michael at Wise Ark Ltd.

​(The slides below are from a typical week; see also our Daily Tutor Time (c) page)

Weekly Tutor Time (c)