Developing chronology
Ancient Greece                                                            Britain before the Romans                                                  Roman Britain                                        

Anglo-Saxon & Viking Britain                                 Medieval England                                                                  Medieval Britain and other countries 
Tudors                                                                           Stuarts                                                                                     Changes in industry 1700-1900       

 1714-1901 Culture & society                                  1714-1901 Britain and the world                                       1714-1901 Politics & reform              
Britain in the 20th century                                    Britain and the world in the 20th century                      Periods in British history

Word search + quiz
Medieval                                                                       16th & 17th centuries       

Industry, empire and slavery                                  WW1 & WW2 

History resources

Each resource £3 -please email with the specific version required and contact email

​​Developing chronological knowledge and understanding
 Sets of linked resources and activities to help students improve their understanding of the sequencing of events.

Each slide has a date, event and appropriate illustration. (Each event slide is on show for five seconds and the whole presentation lasts for approximately five minutes).As a bonus there is also a ‘click through’ version of the slide show.

The selection of events is not meant to be definitive for the study of that period (it’s a selection not a comprehensive timeline!) – this allows for an extra activity/challenge of students deciding what is missing/what could be left out.
The same events are on a word document and  are also used for a set of sorting challenges :
The first involves sorting set of five different events into the correct order – available on power point and word document.
The second is a set of printable ‘cards’ which can be used for sorting or matching tasks (such as the matching pairs game) – each event is on a separate ‘card’ from its date (organised in sets of 10).
The third is a set of ‘domino cards’ where each card has an event and a date that links to another event -so making a sequence of events.

Wise Ark - Supporting learning

Word search + mini quiz
A more challenging version of the always popular activity (even for adults!)
Each set contains 10 different word searches on a variety of topics from that period; each has a grid and 10 words to find. 
However  first you need to use the slightly cryptic clue to work out what word you are searching for.
Each word search & quiz comes in three different versions (the answers are the same each time);
Each has the same clues but one has the first letter of the answer; one has the number of letters in the answer and one has both the first letter and number of letters.
Ideal for use in a wide range of settings such as a last minute cover resource or homework task