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History resources

Resources available include the following which are ideal for cover or homework:
Chronological tasks (see separate page)
Evidence (see separate page)
History through numeracy (see separate page)
Combining information (see separate page)
Also available:
A set of 20 puzzles on a range of topics including women, battles and Native Americans. Also available in a support version with the first letter of each answer provided (all answers also provided.)
 History puzzles and challenges
A set of a range of different activities (taken from Daily Tutor Time ©) . Available on power point as well as Word document. tasks include: Sorting events into order; matching pairs; what’s the link. Also includes visual based challenges
Word Grids
Simpler than crossword –fit the words into the grid and find the missing link. (20topics)
Word Searches
A set of over 100 wordsearches on a range of topics from the Romans to the Cold War. (Answers also provided

Word searches & quizzes
A variation on the popular favourite. First answer the questions then find the words in the grid (also comes with versions with first letter of answer/ number of letters in answer