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Q: How will the resources help my students?

A: By becoming better historians, more aware citizens and developing shills and knowledge, including in tutor time.

Q: How will the resources help me as a teacher

A: By providing a wide range of ready to use resources, particularly in tutor time.
Also the history resources are ideal for homework tasks or cover lessons.
All the resources can support existing schemes of work or be used as stand-alone resources..

Q: How will they become better historians?

A: In a range of ways including:
Reinforcing knowledge and an appropriate vocabulary
Developing chronological understanding
Using a range of different types of evidence

 Q: How can they become better citizens?

A: Through learning and understanding more about the state and society in which they live, including its past. In addition, by a greater awareness of the wider world and the diversity of opinions within it.

Q: What about tutor time?

A: Students will have the opportunity to learn more about their world, to develop skills such as problem solving and team working. They will also be able to reflect on and discuss a range of issues.


Wise Ark Ltd is a ‘micro-company’ specialising in supplying educational resources.

I was a teacher for over 20 years so know from first-hand experience how engaged students can be when given stimulating materials.
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