Q: How will the resources help my students?
A: By becoming better historians, more aware citizens and developing a range of skills and knowledge,

including discussion, problem solving and team working.

Q: How will the resources help me as a teacher
: By providing a wide range of ready to use resources, 
The resources can support existing schemes of work

or be used as stand-alone resources; many are ideal for homework tasks or cover lessons.

Q: How will they help students become better historians?
A: In a range of ways especially through developing chronological understanding and reinforcing knowledge

 Q: How can they help students become better citizens?
A: Through learning and understanding more about the state and society in which they live, including its past.

In addition, by a greater awareness of the wider world and the diversity of opinions within it.

Q: What about general skills?
A: By providing opportunities to learn more about their world, to develop skills such as problem solving and team working.

They will also encouraged to reflect on and discuss a range of issues.

Q: What about creative resources

A: We have now introduced two practical resources for paper based arts & crafts




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